Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Luggage Tags!

Okay I have been messing around with sewing luggage tags for a while now. And i have finally created a couple I like! I think these are a great idea. Especially if your flying. All that luggage on one belt and half of it looks the same! So these will give your luggage instant notification. You see your bright luggage tag and you know its yours! I thinks its great! But thats just me! Will be up in my shop soon! I just have to make a lable to go in the plastic. I thought i would be a nice touch if i actually took the time to print up a label to put inside it. It would include a space for your name, address, and an extra line (for a phone number maybe). Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Great tags!! A couple of years ago we had to buy new luggage for hubby, decided on red thinking no one else would have red. The first time he flew, there were 5 other red suitcases on the turn thingy. Good grief.

  2. I really love this turtoial that you made .
    Hope to see more