Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Sewing Pattern/Project Sites

Looking for some new ideas to create? Here is a list of a few sites that offer free sewing patterns. Sites like these are great ways to get inspiration for your own projects!

Okay here's the list:

~Lots of other free ideas other than sewing too (Although this link is directed to the sewing page)

~This site has some great ideas for beginners too...

~ Sewing (Great all around)

~ Good ideas for around the house

~WOW! Lot of ideas!

~ Great ideas for apparel

~ Make your own rag doll!

~ Cloth Diaper Pattern

~ Projects for the Pet

I hope to add more in the future. But i think this is a good start. Hope you enjoy and get inspired!


I figure you know what we do and why we do it, so why not show you some of our creations.(other than those listed in the etsy mini) I try and make all of my items for a variety of tastes. From the girly girl, to the biker man. Its not an easy task. A few of my creations include the eyeglass case shown. Its so cute, has a pink interior (its soft so it wont scratch the glasses), and a loop to allow for easy hanging.
These goodie bags, seem to get quite a few views in my store. They are great for little gifts or treats. And they come in many designs, even sizes. They are made with scraps of material not big enough to create other things with but to big to throw out, so naturally the end up different sizes.
Last of todays pictures, a pocket tissue cover. I used to get so annoyed when those little plastic things would become unsticky and then the flap wouldnt stay shut. So i started making these little things. One of the good things about these is they are easy to create but so useful. And easy to make in many different colors and designs. So these are just a few of the things for sale in my shop. Check it out and see all the designs and colors for yourself!

Monday, May 25, 2009

About Us

Megs Bags. We are a home based company working out of a smoke free, pet free sewing studio. Our motto is handmade items for everyday use. And we try to accomplish just that. We have only been around for a year, and have come up with many new products to sell. One of our biggest goals was to appeal to a wide variety of people. Seeing as not everyone is in the market for bags, we came up with items for around the house (such as pot holders, ect), we also came up with things for kids (tooth fairy pillows[see above pic]), and even things for the sewer. (pin cushions) Threw trial and error we have expanded our inventory, and hope to appeal to a greater market. We even have holiday items such as christmas stockings, and trick or treat bags for the kids. Along with creating new inventory new prices come with it. We have tried very hard to keep our prices low, and we believe we have succeded. To ensure low prices we spent numorus hours searching the market and finding products similar to ours and doing price checks. This has helped give us a pricing rage as well as help to keep ours at the lower end of the market. Our products are of excelent quality, and come with a warrenty. Seeing as our products are intended for use, wear and tear is expected. But to help with that, if anything happens to your purchase within the first 3 months you can ship it back and we will do everything in our power to fix it. (for more details on our warrenty a post will be created)


Welcome to my blog! This is the first post of many to come. I have created this blog to help inform people of my business and hopefully provide tips and gain customers. I hope to post some simple tutorials and hints and tips for fellow sewing fanatics.(or even the beginning sewer) The main reason I wanted to create this was to allow people to get to know the company and ask questions and get answers, and mainly be comfortable enough with the company to purchase from us. To find out more about us check out our About Us post. In a nut shell we are a home based company that creates usefull hand sewn items for everyday use. We also sell the above Bluebird houses, which my father has skillfully crafted from cedar. (They are great, we believe we have a family in ours)