Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My latest creation!

Hi everybody! Its finally getting to be nice outside! But with all the hot, humid, and rainy days lately I've found my self to be in my studio quite often! I went out the other day and didn't know what to make. So I started thinking about what I would need for school. That's when it hit me, I knew what I was going to make! A laptop bag! I knew it would be a challenge because it had to be padded, rather large, and I had to get it done that day. (As the rest of this week has been dedicated to all things college! I leave Friday!)

So the next task was finding all the materials! I found an old blanket to use as padding, an old belt to strengthen my handle, and my fabrics. I'm a music fanatic! So I picked my favorite material, black fabric with neon music notes and stave's on it! Then the interior was to be a bright green.

I had no idea what I had just gotten my self into! My first step was to figure out how big to make it, then add some for the bottom... I'm not sure what the measurements actually were... I just went off of how big my laptop was. So then I sewed the exterior fabric to the padding, which was more difficult than I thought it would be. I didn't realize that my blanket had a little stretch to it... so once it was sewn on I had about and extra inch of fabric at the top and on one side! Then I proceeded to make my bag as normal.

My next challenge was how to close it... I knew I needed something that would flip over the top of the bag. So I created a square of material (It was black on the bottom and neon and pink on the top and i added a little piece of ribbon so it could close) and sewed it to the back. So that step wasn't that hard once I used a little sewing tape to hold it in place, the pins just weren't doing it! When I used pins it shifted so much that I had to pull out all the stitches and redo it, that's when I used the tape :0)

Then i realized i never put in the rings for the handles! So i had to sew my material over the rings for the handles to threw. Then undo the top sides of the bag so that i could put the handle rings in! I used an old belt covered in black fabric for the handle, to help give it a little durability. Then i sewed the handle in place. And i was finished!

All in all i think it came out great... Although i do need a different button. It was the only one i had handy so i just used it... The next time i go out I'm going to half to look for one! But I think it will do the job! Cant wait to test it out in school!

Monday, August 24, 2009

American Girl Dolls!

When I was younger I loved to play with American Girls. I got my first one for Christmas one year. I was so excited! I started to save up my money so I could buy my self another so my doll would have someone to play with. I saved my allowance and my change. Eventually I had all $95 that I needed to buy my own doll! Then it came in the mail! I couldnt wait to start playing with my dolls! The next big fad was food and clothes! I couldnt get enough of them. My dolls could always use a new outfit! As a present my grandma gave me some sewing patterns for my dolls! I spent days cutting out the patterns! Then my grandma took me shopping and we got fabric. When we came home we spent the day making my first doll dress!

Since then the doll dress patterns have been sitting on a shelf and my collection eventually had grown to 10 dolls! I found the patterns yesterday and decided to try them out! And wouldnt you know they are super easy and super cute to make! Ive made 3 since yesterday afternoon! All 3 of them are up for sale on my site! I figured I could bring some other little girl joy from these dresses. I remember how much fun I had and just couldnt resist making these for other little girls!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have reached 100 blog followers! Thank you to everyone who has followed me. As a special gift for all my followers I will be hosting a special sale, for my blog followers only! All my items will be buy one get one half off!!! Just write I'm a follower in the notes to seller box when you check out! I also ask that you leave your blogger id so I can verify you are a follower. Then you can wait for an invoice or pay immediately. If you pay immediately I will refund your money within 24hrs! Go take a look :0) This offer is only good thru August 26th

I can see the sun!

Its about time too! All day yesterday it was pouring rain! The sky was lighting up and and boy was it loud. Although, on the up side my garden got some much needed water! The weather man said we would see sun today and what do you know, its actually sunny. He also said that the rain would bring in a cool front... that has yet to be seen... Temperature now is about 80 and its only 10:30! Today will definitely be an indoor day! Guess I'll spend the day in the studio... see what I can make :0)

I'm going to start a new weekly post on my blog. It will be called "Sunday Sneak Peak." Every Sunday I will be posting a sneak peak. Whether it be to next months giveaway, a special promotion not yet in effect, or to a project I'm working on.

So today's Sneak Peak will be of next months giveaway purse! I love this one! The material is printed with cherries and is pleated at the top! That's your Sunday Sneak Peak!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tonight Only!

Happy Friday everyone! As a happy Friday present to everyone im offering my first promo code for my etsy shop! Free US Shipping! All you have to do is enter Free Friday in the notes to seller box. Then you can either wait for a new invoice to pay or pay right away and be refunded shipping! Happy Shopping! Only open till midnight tonight, August 21st. (EST) I know its short notice... had it posted on etsy and meant to put it on here but had to go to the grocery store :0)

And the winner is...

LoveCharlesVintage! Thank you to all that participated! With out your entries my giveaway would not have been a success! It was such a success that im going to do monthly giveaways!

Next months giveaway prize is another bag. I will be posting pictures shortly. Now for a heads up, the giveaway will take place September 12th thru the 19th. So dont forget to come back and enter! I will also still have in effect the 5 additional entry option. So take a look at my shop. If you purchase before or during the giveaway week in September you will be eligable for the additional entries.

One more thing. A reader so nicely pointed out that I never added a facebook fan page link. Im guessing its alittle harder to fan me if you dont know the link :0) So here it is... Hopefully all my followers will fan me, if i get 100 fans I get my own link so it will be much shorter!!! There is also a button at the bottom of the blog :0)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Day!

Good morining everyone :0) Today is the last day to enter the tote giveaway! You must have left your comment by 8 pm tonight. (EST) Thank you to all that have entered! And good luck to you.

The drawing will go like this. I will go down the comment list and give everyone a number. (After i make sure your a follower) Then I will be going to a random number generator ( to enter the numbers. And whatever number it gives me will be the winner :0) The winner will be announced tomorrow morning. So dont forget to check back to see who won!

**** I have decided to make the giveaways a monthly thing! Next months prize will also be announced tomorrow with the winner.

Its not too late to enter!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Facebook Fan Page!

I just created a Facebook Fan page for Megs Bags! Im super excited. Now I just have to figure out what to put on it :0) So far im the only fan. (Yes im a fan of my own shop) I would love to have all my blog followers join. It would be greatly appreciated.

Dont forget to enter the giveaway! Its only open until Thursday at 8 pm. Feel free to tell your friends about it :0) Heres the giveaway link.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Want extra giveaway entries???

Okay so its time to throw in a twist to my giveaway :0) Its open to everyone. Even if you have already entered the giveaway.

Here's the twist. If you want to receive 5 additional entries into my giveaway its very simple. Purchase something from my shop :0)

Its very easy. If you purchase something from me in your comment please leave a link to the receipt. Once I verify your purchase you will automatically be given 5 additional entries! So have fun and hope you find something you enjoy!

Here's the link to the giveaway... so you can enter easily.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Award from Audrey's Country Crafts

Audrey from Audrey's Country Crafts has given my blog this award!! I'm so excited! You really need to check out Audrey's blog its great! (and her shop is wonderful too!).

Now I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and pass the award to 7 other blogs! That's not so hard! (I hope) OK - so ill start with things my readers probably don't realize about me :0)

1. I'm only 18 yrs old
2. I started Megs Bags as a way to earn money for college
3. I'm going to attend Frostburg this Fall (Ill be a freshman.) And still try to run my shop and blog
4. I have only made 6 sales on etsy
5. I just started a new tote (should be up soon)
6. I have a 15 yr old poodle, who's name is Smokey
7. I love making all my stuff and am so happy other people appreciate it!

Blogs that Iwill pass this award on to:

1- Fuzzington (Very cute stuff! I love the little critters!)

2- TicTacDough (Great for the little kid in everybody)

3- Sew Southern (Very great items)

4- Dog Dazzle (Great for doggie lovers!)

5- Bare Moose Jewlery (Very pretty!)

6- Happy Cloud Momments (Love it! Great stuff)

7- Inkcredible Creations (They really are inkredible!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time for a Giveaway!

Okay everyone its time! I know it took me a day longer than expected and I'm sorry about that. But here it is. Votes are in and here is the giveaway tote!

I have named this tote "Patchwork Tote." For obvious reasons. The exterior fabric is of patchwork print, in fun bright prints and colors. The interior is a very pretty green. The interior also has a pocket of matching patchwork fabric. This tote is double stitched to ensure durability.
Measures: 14 x 13 inches
Handles measure 10 1/2 inches from tote top to handle center.
Bottom expands to 3 1/2 inches

This bag is great for many uses. (Plus its free!) It would work great as a backpack, or to carry files for work, or as a reusable grocery bag, and much more. Just let your imagination soar!
*Okay now the rules for winning this bag:
~ You must be a follower of my blog to enter. *So if your not all you have to do is click my follow button :) Please make sure you are a registered blogger or that you leave me a way to contact you if you choose to be anonymous.
~ All you have to do to enter is leave a comment UNDER THIS post. (Comments left under any other giveaway related or other post will not be entered.
~ All entries must be posted by 8 pm on August 20Th, no exceptions. I will randomly draw a name that night and the winner will be posted and notified the next morning.
***** Update!!! You can now gain 5 additional entries into this giveaway. All you have to do is buy and item from my shop. Then leave the receipt with your entry comment. (or if you have already left your comment just leave another) You will automatically be given 5 additional entries!!!****
Good luck :0)

Monday, August 10, 2009


So I havent blogged in a while, so im doing it now. I have been away since thursday and had a great time in VA! But to get down to business, my giveaway. I will be giving away a tote. I will be making it today and tomorrow and will have it posted by Wednesday. So make sure you come back on Wednesday to enter the giveaway. The give away will start on August 12th and end on August 19th. So the give away will last for 1 full week. Dont forget to come back :0)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost Time!

Well its still quite dreary here. Havent seen the sun in a few days. Depressing really. But anyways, ive been spending lots of time in my studio. And have made quite a few things :0) Feel free to check them out on at my shop:

Tomorrow is the last day to vote on my giveaway poll. As soon as I know what im giving away the contest will work like this:

I will post on my blog about the giveaway item. Including a description, picture and measurements if available. Then you will need to leave a comment under that post. Then in 5 days time a random winner will be drawn.

And thats it. All you have to do is leave a comment. I will do the rest :0)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today has been crazy. Lots of thunderstorms. Since ive been stuck in the house, i relocated to my studio. I came up with new reusable snack bags! They're about half the size of my sandwich bags! And will be on sale in my shop within the night!

*Oh and did i mention that I'll be hosting a sale involving these bags. Something to the effect of buy a sandwich bag and get the matching snack bag half off. (or something close to that!)

Dont forget to vote on my giveaway poll! So far im giving away a clutch!