Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Adventure

So ive been at college now for about 2 weeks! Whooo. Im used to all my classes and ive figured out where to go... which is honestly the hardest part so far. I live in theses appartment that are right next to campus. (It only takes literally a minute to get to campus in my car.) Yes I brought my car, the campus is in the mountains... LOTS of hills! My appartment is also on top of a big hill. But now for the adventure!

Me and a couple of my friends had found out there was an old coal mine behind the appartment complex. When we heard mine we were super excited. Whe had pictured like an old underground coal mine. With a cool entrance that would lead us underground. And of course it would be home to the bear that was sited on campus last year. Us being young and stupid couldnt wait to go see it.

It was around 7 pm. Still light out, but starting to get dark and we decided to venture to the mine. We were expecting this to be a relativly easy and accessable task. But that proved to be not so true. The path that once existed was no longer mantained. It was covered in weeds and parts of the path had actually washed away leaving crevases and holes. Not to menchion the right next to the path was golden rod... great for allergies :0)

Oh and did i menchion that like everything else here in the Burg, its way up on a hill! Of course this atempt at a path was also not in the least bit straight. We got lucky and didnt take any wrong turns! So we were walking up there short on breath ready to turn around but wanting to see this mine. So we kept going. We were highly disappointed when we got to the mine. It was an above ground mine!!! Not at all what we had expected! Even though it was a huge dissapointment it was still very pretty and serine. Here it is :0)

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