Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday Feature and Giveaway!!!

Hi everyone! Ive started my features!!! This was originally posted on The Green Haven blog, but I decided to post the features on both blogs!!! The first shop being featured is....... Peppermint Sage! And what an adorable shop it is! (Giveaway info at the bottom of the article) Heres a little bit of information on the shop from the shop owner!

My shop started because I work for the State of California and I decided to be proactive and use my furlough days as a way to generate extra income. I wanted to do something with re-purposed fabric, so I started off making reversible wine bags and sunglass cases...but I found myself gravitating to making accessories and mostly that is what I make now. Headbands, bib necklaces, and some crochet ear warmers. The shop name is a compilation of my dog's name: Peppermint and Sage because that is my favorite color and I garden too so it just seemed to flow.

I started learning to crochet in college about 7 years ago, from my roommate. I just learned to sew a few months ago because I always wanted to learn but never had the opportunity. So, with the help of the internet and a couple of friends I resurrected my mom's sewing machine from the garage and picked it up quick. I’m a gal in my early thirties, who loves to create pretty things. While also going back to college for a second degree in Nutrition, and I just enjoy hanging with family and friends.

Where else can you find PeppermintSage??? On her blog of course =)

PeppermintSage has been kind enough to host a giveaway!!! She is offering up an adorable ear warmer! The winner will get to pick the color of the warmer as well! They come in 3 colors, teal, heather gray, and heather pink. (The teal ear warmer is pictured to the right! Isnt it adorable!!!) The winner of this giveaway will be announced on next Fridays Feature!

To Enter: You must do BOTH of the following!
1) You must be a follower of this blog to enter!
2) Go to PeppermintSage’s shop and pick out your favorite item, and leave a comment with that item in it!

Extra Entries:
1) Heart PeppermintSage’s shop and say so in a comment (must be a new heart) ~1 Entry~
2) Make a purchase in PeppermintSage’s shop and post the transaction link in a comment ~3 Entries~
3) Become a follower of PeppermintSage's Blog and say so in a comment ~1 Entry~
4) Heart Megs Bags and say so in a comment (must be a new heart) ~1 Entry~
5) Make a purchase from Megs Bags and post the transaction link in a comment ~ 3 Entries~

Have fun and Good Luck!!!

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